Tinea you can't get rid of?

Ok, does this sound familiar?

The skin between your toes gets itchy. It might even split. So you take out a tube of cream, maybe Canestan, or Daktarin from the bathroom cabinet and slap a bit on. The itch goes. But in a few days it is back again.



If that’s you, or a family member then this is an important article that would make the world of difference to you, and stop you repeatedly spending money on expensive products.

Every week we have new patients present to our clinic with this problem. And it is all because these people haven’t been giving all the information . The most frustrating thing for us is that the solution is so very simple but one, the vast majority of health professionals seem to miss.

If Tinea goes untreated, people are often left with constant infections which are both uncomfortable and embarrassing, they are throwing their money away on pharmaceutical products, and they risk infecting their family members. Something everyone is keen to avoid! Treating Tinea properly is even more important now as summer is approaching. We are barefoot more often, around the pool, in the house. And the heat greatly increases the incidence of Tinea. Fungus love the heat! Yep. Gross.

When patients with Tinea come to see us one of the first things we do is to discuss the steps in the treatment process that they are missing. Applying an anti-fungal product, while crucial, is only one step in the process. It drives us bonkers that the marketing for these products doesn’t also include some basic hygiene advice. So people are only getting half the information. Our patients, the ones who follow our advice, cure their Tinea quickly.

And it rarely reoccurs.

While we do encourage patients who believe they have a fungal infection of the skin (or nails for that matter) to come by for a check-up, we feel that this is such an prevalent issue that we have created the ‘’Cure your tinea once and for all’’ guide. It covers all you need to know about how to cure your Tinea, once and for all!

To get it, simply click on the button below and we’ll send you a copy. If there is someone in your network who you think could benefit from this guide, please feel free to share it with them.


Of course, if you are unsure if what you have is Tinea, we encourage you to pop in for an appointment just so we can accurately diagnose therash prior to you beginning treatment.

Yours in health,

Eliza & the Team at Footpath Podiatry