corns & callous

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Corns and callous are the result of excess pressure, not infection.


Often over bony prominences, they develop in order to protect the underlying bones. Both are made up of dead skin; corns push into the foot, where callous grow outwards. Left untreated, they become extremely painful.


Corns are circular in shape and smaller than callous. and they are generally more painful and can occur between the toes.


The first step in the treatment of corns or callous is to work out why they are occurring. Sometimes it is as simple as changing shoes, sometimes it is due to biomechanical anomalies and the way you walk. Bony deformities such as hammer toes will also predispose a person to corns or callous.


Your Podiatrist will remove the callous and corns using a scalpel blade. As the skin is dead, this will generally be painless. Sometimes removing a corn can cause a small amount of discomfort.


The area may then be covered with a pad to offload any excess pressure from the area.


People often go to a beautician for a Pedicure if they are suffering from callouses. Podiatrist are qualified to treat these issues with a scalpel blade, beauticians are not.


You will achieve far better long term results by seeking out a Podiatrist for treatment. You will also receive advise on how to prevent them coming back.