Plantar warts, or Papillomas as they are sometimes known are the dermatological effect of the HumanPapilloma Virus (HPV). The can affect any part of the body though hands and feet are the most common.


The HPV is very contagious. Communal showers and pools are often the sight of infection. Once the virus is in your body, warts can appear at any time.


Without treatment the warts may grow and spread so prompt treatment is very important.  Your Podiatrist will begin by scraping away any dead skin from the top of the wart. A masking agent is then applied around the edges of the wart. This is done to protect the healthy skin. A topical acid will then be applied to the wart. The strength of the acid will depend on a number of factors and is at the discretion of your podiatrist. Commonly, Salicyclic Acid is used. The area will then have a donut pad applied to stop the wart from pressing deep inside the foot.


Your podiatrist will provide you with a treatment kit to take home. This kit costs $40 and has everything you will need to treat the wart for 1 month.


A review appointment will be booked for 1 months time to monitor you progress.