Tips & Tricks on How to keep feet healthy during winter!

Looking after your feet in winters is very different to looking after them in summer. Obviously the temperature is very different but so are the shoes we wear and the activities we participate in. Interestingly, the issues we see in the clinic are also very different. Here are our top tips for keeping your feet happy, healthy and pain free this winter.

1. Moisturize feet with Urea based moisturisers

Urea allows better absorption of moisture to the deeper layers of the skin – this will prevent dryness and cracking!

2. Dry skin well after a shower

ESPECIALLY BETWEEN THE TOES and BEFORE putting feet into enclosed footwear. If skin has not been dried thoroughly, then rubbing between the toes when walking can cause breakage of the skin and increase the chances of infection.

3. Use wool socks, insoles, slippers and leg warmers!

The warmest materials that will regulate and insulate body heat are wools e.g. merino, possum, sheepskin, alpaca or thermal materials from hiking stores. Try wearing long wooly socks, wool slippers or leg warmers to keep your feet warm this winter. If your feet are still feeling cold – try double layering the socks!

4. Avoid sudden increases in temperature to your feet!

For example, putting a hot water bottle, heat packs straight onto your feet, or hot showers can shock the small capillaries of your feet. In the short term, it may be the quickest way to warm up your feet up, however long term - it can cause damage and exacerbate the ability for your feet to stay warm naturally.

5. Instead use movement to get better blood circulation to your feet

For example, getting a nice foot massage or simply, wriggling your toes until they get warmer!

General whole body exercise like walking can warm your feet as well as your whole body naturally! Pair this with the insulation properties of wool socks/slippers/leg warmers – your feet will stay nice and toasty naturally!

6. Try wearing supportive slippers during the winter

We sell the ‘Archline’ slippers for $59.95, which has good arch support and a secure Velcro strap system for fastening! This means you will be less likely to trip or fall over when wearing their slippers during the wintertime.

7. Don’t use the hair dryer to warm your feet up

You would be surprised at how often people make this mistake. This is a spell for disaster and may end up burning the skin of your feet instead!

8. If your feet are really cold, try a heated or electric blanket

This is generally a much more gradual and gentle way to warm up the feet from external stimuli. Please read instructions carefully and be aware it may be dangerous to leave it on for extensive periods of time.

9. Get your chilblains checked by a podiatrist

Chilblains can become infected and very sore if they blister and then open up. If you have a chilblain get it checked ASAP. If you are not sure what a chilblain is, head over to our last blog for more info!

10. Check the fit of your child's school shoes

As we are half way through the school is year, it is very important to check your kid's school shoes still fit. A child's feet can grow a number of sizes in a short space of time. Don't use the wear on the shoes as an indicator that they need to be replaced! During the school holidays, we are offering GAP FREE school shoe check ups for all kids. That means you pay no out of pocket expenses if you have private health insurance. If you don't, we don't want you to miss out so the cost will be just $20. We will check the fit and appropriateness of your child's school and sports shoes and if changes do need to be made we can recommend the best place to go

Hope your feet stay warm and toasty with these tips!