Podiatrist, rock climber & footwear junkie

jessica ma

Jess joined Footpath Podiatry  in early 2019 and has already made quite an impact on many of our clients. Jess is thoughtful, friendly and completely dedicated to finding solutions to people's pain. Her footwear knowledge is second to none. Jess loves working with kids and her lateral thinking has resulted in significant improvements in a couple of tricky cases.


I really enjoy making pots & sculptures out of clay!

I am a proud participant  of Tough Mudder

My favourite colour is Forest green


I definitely do not like horror movies

Bouldering has given me so much joy and strength over the past couple of years

I enjoy listening to heaps of different styles of music but hiphop is my favourite

My all time favourite dessert is a good lemon tart!

I think that dancing is one of the best forms of exercise and an incredible creative outlet

I probably own way too many indoor plants

My dream dog is a big fluffy golden retriever

If I wasn't a podiatrist I would be a .........